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Review Process Conditions

Review Process Conditions

Contributions to be published pass the two-round review procedure:

First Round of Review Process

The first round of the review process is performed by the Lifelong Learning journal. If an article meets the formal requirements and corresponds to the journal content match, it is advanced to the second round of the review process. In case an article does not meet the formal requirements, the author is asked to revise and rewrite it or the article is rejected. 

Second Round of Review Process 

The second round of the review process is anonymous, in a form of a "peer-review". The text is assessed by two independent experts, neither of them being a member of the editorial or the author's team. In case the reviews are favourable and recommended by both experts, the review process is finished and the text is accepted for publication. In case, there is not an agreement in experts'opinions on the text reached, the journal gets another review accomplished. Based on an additional expert's opinion, the journal decides to accept or reject the text for publishing. All the anonymous reviews are sent to the author electronically. 

Download reviewer's opinion (not available in English)