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Scientific and research activities

The scientific and research activities of the Institute focus on the following areas:

  • the analysis of the educational needs of the students of ICV MENDELU with respect to the potential of the educational institution and the practical requirements;
  • increasing the employment opportunities of the graduates in the labour market after returning from parental leave;
  • multiculturalism and readiness for the multiculturalism;
  • pedagogical-psychological counselling to secondary vocational schools and its transformation in the CR and the EU;
  • education of persons with special educational needs;
  • analysis of the educational needs of teachers of secondary vocational//specialized schools in connection to the creation of lifelong learning centres;
  • the needs of teachers in the areas of personal growth and the increase of mental integrity and resistance.

Significant scientific and research projects -- national

In 2011, the Institute launched the 2. internal scientific and research project entitled The transformation of vocational schools into modern educational institutions, for a period of 04/2011 - 12/2013. All members of academic staff of the Department of Social Sciences of the ICV participate in the project.
The cooperation of the ICV, PEF and FRRMS in the conduct of the Research plan No. 6215648904 entitled "The Czech economy in the process of integration and globalization, and the development of the agricultural sector and the sector of services in the new conditions of the European integrated market", its thematic group 02 The main trends in the development of the competitive environment in the conditions of integration and globalization processes, and the adaptation of the entities to the new conditions of the integrated market, which was implemented with financial support of the State provided through the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Through the innovation of professional, pedagogical and management education to the increased competitiveness

The objective of the project is to increase the competitiveness of the Mendel University in Brno by creating a comprehensive system of education of academics and other university staff, through the innovation of the accredited study program Pedagogical Specialization(SvP) and the innovation of the project management system as a prerequisite for the participation in national and international academic teams and international networks. The implementation of the project has created a completely new system of education of academics and other university staff with a pilot implementation of courses, the innovation of the Bachelor's degree Pedagogical Specialization (SvP), the Teaching of Vocational Subjects specialization in a number of 15 subjects. The structure of project management was created according to the best foreign practices allowing greater participation in national and international projects and networks.

The innovative system of the preparation of staff in Research and Development

The project is primarily focused on increasing the competitiveness of staff in science and research through the preparation and implementation of courses, workshops and intersectoral mobility (including short-term foreign stays) within the system of professional training of staff in Research and Development (VaV) and doctoral students at the Mendel University in Brno, the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences (VFU Brno) and Biopharm -- the Research Institute of Biopharmacy and Veterinary Drugs. An optional activity is the promotion of interest in the study of the disciplines of natural sciences on the part of those interested in scientific and research work from the range of students and pedagogical staff of secondary schools.
The ICV has also been a co-investigator or investigator of projects funded by the NAAR and the Ministry of Agriculture addressing the issues of the Model multi-criteria assessment of environment-friendly approach technologies and the Hydrothermal stabilization of biodegradable waste in the conditions of new environmental technologies of the agricultural and sanitation practice, and the Verification options for economic savings in biogas plant operations in relation to the consumption of raw materials.
In 2011, the Institute conducted 8 projects funded from the Structural funds of the EU and the MSMT, 6 projects from the Development programs for the development of universities and 2 projects from the Higher Education Development Fund.

Significant professional events

The International Scientific Conference on Lifelong Learning ICOLLE

The organizer and guarantor: ICV MENDELU
The international scientific conference has a four-year tradition. The objective of the 3rd annual international scientific conference ICOLLE 2011 was to assess the trends in lifelong learning in the 21st century and the transfer of experience. At the conference, topics were discussed relating to the preparatory training of education professionals, advanced vocational training, advanced training of education professionals and education of seniors.

The student's incubator

The organizer and guarantor: ICV MENDELU
The third annual exhibition of student works by students of the Bachelor's study program Pedagogical Specialization, the Teaching of Vocational Subjects and the Teaching of Practical Subjects and Vocational Training specializations. The most significant student works are regularly presented at the international scientific conference ICOLLE, which is organized by the ICV MENDELU.

The transformation of vocational schools into modern educational institutions

The guarantor: Dana Linhartova, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Project period: 1 April 2011 - 31 December 2013
The second internal scientific and research project currently responding to the creation of the centres of lifelong learning (CZU) in the conditions of selected secondary vocational schools in the CR. The project focuses on teachers and their needs in further education and to the secondary vocational schools themselves.
Research investigations are conducted at the university training schools of the Mendel University in Brno.

Job Challenge 2011

The organizers and guarantors: ICV MENDELU, VUT (the Brno University of Technology), MU (the Masaryk University)
 The first annual job fair intended for the students of all universities in Brno. This job fair was attended by more than 2500 students and 70 potential employers.
The establishment of an independent peer-reviewed scientific-professional journal, Lifelong Learning (ISSN 1804-526X)
The professional journal publishes original scientific works of Czech and foreign scientists, survey studies, excellent student works, analytical reports and reviews relating to aspects of lifelong learning and education (especially professional, further vocational training and education of seniors). It is aimed at academics, university teachers, researchers, experts in lifelong learning, pedagogical staff at secondary vocational schools and training schools, teachers of lifelong learning courses, as well as university students and the wider public.
The objective of the journal is to provide latest findings in the field of lifelong learning and education. The medium-term objective of the journal is its inclusion in the positive List of peer-reviewed non-impacted journals published in the Czech Republic.